Saturday, January 7, 2017


At our grade chair meeting I shared a story about a situation that happened a day earlier. That day was our students first day back from winter break and I was excited to see them.  I really missed them, and to be honest, I didnt sleep much thinking about some of their situations at home over the break. Some I knew didnt have a pleasant holiday break.  Some endured tummy pains from not enough food, heart ache from Santa not bringing them a toy for Christmas despite them being so good this year, and I knew some wouldn't be ready to come back to a structured school day.

I waited for our Little Indians in the car loop along within Deputy May, with a sign that said, "YOU matter at VBE."

I wanted the families to see it, but more importantly I wanted our Little Indians to see it.

Being greeted by so many kiddos with smiles, high-fives, and hugs was such an amazing feeling.

However, as I made it the courtyard for more hugs and smiles, I came up on a kindergartner.  He saw me and immediately ran up and hugged me through his tears.  He began sobbing.  He was hysterical.  I began to think about every situation that could have possibly caused this.  (My mind always jumps to the worst possible scenario.)

When I finally got him to calm down, he shared with me why he was so upset.

You see he got in an argument with a first grader on the bus.

Oh no, here we go.

He told me with tears still streaming down his face that his friend said this:
"I couldn't wait to come back to school, I really like it."

He began sobbing again.  I was trying to figure out what about that was so bad.

I began prying, "Why does that make you so sad?"

He stopped and stared at me with his big brown eyes.

"It makes me mad because I LOVE school,  and he only LIKES school!"

I giggled.

I grabbed him by his little hand and walked my friend to class.

Welcome back Little Indians, welcome back.

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