Saturday, August 5, 2017

Start strong, collaborate, build your tribe!

It's easy to assume that our tribe would just come together on its own throughout the year.  It's also pretty easy to believe that somehow, organically, people will find time to connect, laugh, and learn about each other. However, we value the culture of our team enough to not leave that to chance.  The most important role administrators have is to bring the right people to our TRIBE!  Today proved that!!!  We are so excited about the level of excellence that will be joining us.  We had so many proud administrator moments.  Most importantly, we saw that every single staff member values building relationships and setting high expectations.

Spending our Saturday team building and having fun was worth every single second!  There is no doubt we are #onourwaytoanA

Our teams rocked the retreat!

Above is just a little sneak peek of the magic.

It's clear that at VBE... your vibe attracts your tribe!!!

Special thanks to VALIC for sponsoring lunch and for Barbara Hammond for allowing us to use the gorgeous Hammond Groves property!  We are so appreciative of the community support!