Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cultivating Kindness!

We are working hard spreading the VBE VIBE
Value Respect
Inspire Others
Be Responsible
Exercise Safety

I had a parent stop me after the awards ceremony and wanted to know what we are doing different this year to get such incredible results in academics and the 92% drop in discipline.  To begin with, I believe it is because we have built up our relationships with our families and the community. We have encouraged all stakeholders to have a voice and participate in the education process with us. Second, I think it has to do with our focus on the VIBE and kindness.

Here's a great video with pointers on what we can all do to encourage this outside of school.  The video is from Harvard Education.  It definitely made me think about my own boys so I wanted to share with our VBE families.

Very interesting!

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