Monday, May 1, 2017

Gratitude and Love to the Very Best Educators!!!

Here is a special treat- we secretly asked our VBE Little Indians to describe their teachers- here are the WORDLES that were created from what was in our students hearts.

Teacher Appreciation Week has just begun.
Here is a video that we made to show the impact our teachers are making at VBE! 

Thank you Very Brave Educators!

We can not say enough positive things about our incredible PTA at VBE that ensured that our teachers were taken care every single day... breakfast and lunch!  Our TRIBE can't be stopped.  It's so refreshing to have a parent group that completely understands the hard work and dedication our teachers put into VBE!!! 

One Hundred Years From Now Excerpt from “Within My Power” by Forest Witcraft

“One Hundred Years from now It will not matter what kind of car I drove, What kind of house I lived in, how much money was in my bank account nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a better place because I was important in the life of a child. ”
To top it all off- we have a week of excitement, treats, and appreciation set for our teachers.  

Monday Festivities!!!

Accupuncture- Ms. Castillo
Sebastian Yoga- Tobin
Chilis- Walters
Chilis- Brunson
Tubbys- Paulk
Singewald- $25
Massage Envy- Robinson


2 Free Movie Passes- Ms. Keeley
Chilis- Bechtel
Blue- Books a Million
McMillan- Sebastian Yoga
Fox- Tubbys Giftcard
Vickie Zita- 2 Free Movie Passes

Martin- Acupuncture
Ward- Massage Envy
Jason Banks- Starbucks
Sitkowski- Starbucks
Renninger- Chilis
Luccarelli- Sebastian Yoga
Erickson- Sebastian Yoga
Kachele- Massage Envy
Cordovano- 31 Gift Bag
Libby- Oil Change
Ragley- Vero Bowl Gift Card

Trumble- Tubbys
Fred- Starbucks
Browning- Oil Change
Cisneros- Vincents Pizza
Flethcer- Starbucks
Lasky Sebastian Yoga
Looney- Starbucks
Pasten- Yoga
Katherine Martin- yoga
Heidi Vaughn- Starbucks
Rochon- Paredolia
Blidgen- Massage

Chromie- Glass Vase
Glickstein- Waldos
Berwick- Starbucks
Miliman- chilis
Tracy Ruble- Yoga
Sanchez- Yoga
Segroves- Acupuncture
Fiori- Starbucks
Newhouse- Filling Station
Henry- Oil Change
Swink- Starbucks
Marine- Starbucks
Viladrosa- Massage
Newhouse- $25 Macs Filling Station

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